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June 15, 2004, Picket at the Congress Plaza Hotel

photos by Bob Roman
picket photo 1

On June 15, 2004, workers at the Congress Plaza Hotel had been on strike for one year. An especially big demonstration is planned to mark the occasion.

As the AFL-CIO's organizing conference adjourned up the street, the crowd grew quickly. But all of Labor turned out. For example, that's Carl Rosen of the United Electrical Workers slouching along to the left of the police commander. The Carpenters Union also had a significant delegation at the picket.

picket photo 3

If the pickets begin to look alike, it's because HERE Local 1 had commemorative t-shirts available.

  picket photo 4

In case management hadn't gotten the message....

  picket photo 5

Rats, courtesy of UFCWU Local 881.

  picket photo 6

Infiltrators hung a banner from a mid-floor window of the hotel.

picket photo 7

At its largest point, well over a thousand people participated in the picket.

picket photo 8

Another view of the rats, a public comment on the hotel's attitude toward its employees.

picket photo 9


While there was one other instance of civil disobedience (traffic blockade on Michigan Avenue), it was highly scripted. Generally, there was not much for the police to do; this photo is typical.

For more information regarding the Congress Plaza Hotel strike, go to the official strike site: click here.

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