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Photos of the June 12, 2008, demonstration in support of the striking employees of the Congress Hotel, the occasion being the start of the 5th year of the strike.

Congress Hotel Rats

Management Rats at the Congress Hotel.

Congress Hotel Rats

More Management Rats. Props provided courtesy of the Chicago Building Trades.

Congress Hotel Rats

The sign reads "Congress Hotel Is Cheap and Mean." Management would probably say "efficient." Sounds better than gluttonous or greedy.

Chicago Federation of Musicians

Musicians courtesy of the Chicago Federation of Musicians.

Chicago Federation of Musicians

Katie Jordan

The woman in the center is Katie Jordan, President of the Chicago Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women.

Justin Clark

The man with a grin and a sign is DSA member Justin Clark.

Kim Bobo

The woman in the foreground is Kim Bobo, Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice. Her folks really did turn out.

Congress Hotel Greed

A favorite at every Congress Hotel demonstration: the money hungry alligator. Tastes just like chicken.

Jerry Mead

Jerry Mead-Lucero of the Chicago radio program "Labor Express"

Calvin Morris

The man in the suit with a sign is the Rev. Dr. Calvin Morris, Executive Director of the Community Renewal Society, Chicago's oldest civil rights organization.

Henry Tamarin

Henry Tamarin (center), President of the on strike UNITE HERE Local 1, schmoozes on the line.

James Thindwa

James Thindwa (center with goatee), Executive Director of Chicago Jobs with Justice.

William McNary

William McNary (center, entirely in white), Co-Director of Citizen Action/Illinois.

Action Now

A bus load of supporters from Action Now (formerly Chicago ACORN).

Scab Tracker

Who you gonna call? Scab Tracker!

Henry Tamarin

Henry Tamarin (center in T-shirt), President of UNITE HERE Local 1.

DSA member Charles Nissim-Sabat.

Tom Broderick

Behind the bread and roses is Tom Broderick, Chicago DSA Co-Chair.

Madeline Talbott and Judy Hertz

The two women conspiring are Madeline Talbott (left), Executive Director of Action Now, and Judy Hertz (right).

Representing the Teamsters and Chicago DSA, Ed Burke. You'll note the particular rat behind him belongs to the IBEW.

Bill Barclay

Entering the photo from the left is Bill Barclay, DSA member and activist from Oak Park.

Jorge Ramirez (left), Secretary Treasurer of the Chicago Federation of Labor, and (right) Dennis Gannon, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor.

Ross Hyman

Upholding social justice as a Jewish tradition is DSA member Ross Hyman.

Chicago Federation of Musicians

And the band played on.
All photos by Bob Roman. For more information about the Congress Hotel strike, CLICK HERE.

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