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1959 Debs Day Dinner

We have quite a few photos but no other documentary history for this event. It was, apparently, a 75th birthday tribute to Norman Thomas. It is possible that A. Philip Randolph and Norman Thomas did several of these events around the country. It was quite probably held at the Midland Hotel, 172 W. Adams, in Chicago. It was most likely in November of 1959.

That's what we think we know. The photos below were taken by Syd Harris. Some of them were scanned from contact sheets. Carl Shier did his best to identify some of the participants.

Randolph and Thomas

A. Philip Randolph and Norman Thomas at the Speakers' Table.

Morris Milgram

 Morris Milgram

 Hilton Hanna

Norman Thomas

 Norman Thomas in a seated version of a "grip 'n grin". We have no identity for the other two individuals. There are two other similar poses on a contact sheet in our file.

 Mr. Polin and Mr. Jacob Siegel, Workman's Circle and the Chicago edition of the Jewish Daily Forward

Rappaport and Willinger

 Izzy Rappaport and Ben Williger

 We don't know who this is.


Milgram and Rappaport

 Morris Milgram and Izzy Rappaport

 Max Shachtman is the individual on the far left (we think). We have no clue as to the other three individuals.

Max Shachtman

meeting cute

 This is a really cute couple. The gentleman on the left appears to be Norman Hill, who was an organizer for the Socialist Party in Chicago at about this time. He ultimately became the head of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

 Max Shachtman?

Max Shachtman

Thomas and Shachtman

 Norman Thomas and Max Shachtman, we think.

 Morris Milgram and Max Shachtman(?)

Milgram and Shachtman

Shachtman and Herstein

 Max Shachtman(?) and Lillian Herstein

 Norman Thomas and A. Philip Randolph at the Speakers' Table. Thomas apparently had a good appetite that evening.

Speakers Table

Milgram and Thomas

 Morris Milgram and Norman Thomas

 Morris Milgram and Hilton Hanna.

Milgram and Hanna

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