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1981 Norman Thomas - Eugene V. Debs Dinner

The 1981 Dinner is legendary among those who attended for the length of the program. Held on Sunday, May 3rd, at the Midland Hotel, the program included essentially three speakers. Ed Broadbent and Mildred Jeffrey were the featured speakers, addressing the theme of "Needed: a Bold, Imaginative Program for Survival and Progress". Then Representative Harold Washington was recruited to serve as Master of Ceremonies but also spoke on "Redistricting, Retreat, Reagan's Budget and the 1982 Election". And the Dinner's honoree, Egidio Clemente, shared the story of his life. Four speakers, all of them very interesting, but rather excessive to those facing work on Monday.

 Dinner Flyer

Shier, Clemente, Washington

From left to right: Carl Shier, Egidio Clemente, and Harold Washington.

Clemente and Shier

Egidio Clemente and Carl Shier

Carl Shier presents Egidio Clemente with the Thomas - Debs Award while Harold Washington contemplates moving the program along.

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