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1984 Norman Thomas - Eugene V. Debs Dinner

The 1984 Thomas - Debs Dinner was held Saturday, May 12, at the McCormick Inn. The Dinner honored William Lucy and the featured speaker was Barbara Ehrenreich. We do not actually have a program for the Dinner, but Carl Shier, Jason Kay, and Reverend Jim Gorman were among the program participants. All photos are by Syd Harris.

Program Book Cover

William Lucy

You have examplified the best in the American labor movement. When sanitation workers went on strike for dignity in Memphis in 1968, you were there.

When Black workers needed to make their voices heard within the labor movement, you helped found a Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.

When female employees went on strike for pay equity in San Jose, you were there.

When the rights of workers in El Salvador are trampled on by bloody dictators, you speak out.

By work and by deed you have been in the forefront of the struggle for justice.

For this, the Norman Thomas - Eugene Debs Award is presented to you this 12th day of May, 1984.

Speakers Table

From left to right, William Lucy, Carl Shier, and Rev. Jim Gorman

Kay and Gorman

Jason Kay (left) and Rev. Jim Gorman (right).

Carl Shier

Carl Shier

William Lucy

Willaim Lucy

Speakers Table

From left to right, Barbara Ehrenreich, Judy Hertz, Jason Kay, at the speakers table.


Barbara Ehrenreich

Lucy and Hayes

William Lucy (left) with Congressman Charles Hayes

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