Our Mission

The Chicago Democratic Socialists of America’s Rapid Response Working group takes as its mission the safety and security of our membership; the immediate mobilization of active members for protests, rallies, and direct action; the creation of alliances with organizations with similar purviews; and the coordination of relief efforts in the event of crisis.

What We Do

In the past year, Rapid Response has done its best to mobilize the CDSA membership for protests, rallies, strikes and labor actions, and other public gatherings and events. We sponsored a major safety & security training that provided instruction on various aspects of security, including medical training, operational security, police observation, and online security. We have provided a physical presence at general meetings and working group meetings to ensure the safety of our membership, and we were instrumental in rallying ‘against proposed Chicago appearances by right-wing authoritarian figures including Milo Yiannapoulos and Steve Bannon.

Our Leadership Structure

Our leadership structure is informal, consisting of a chairperson, an events coordinator, a secretary, and a tech liaison, all of which are volunteer positions. RRWG is a small working group, but we’re hoping to grow and ultimately to turn these into elected positions.

Getting Involved

Rapid Response has an ambitious slate planned for the coming year. We are preparing safety and security training videos to be distributed to other chapters, working on a standard security best-practices manual, working with new digital tools to provide rapid response alerts to our membership for when we need to mobilize quickly, working with local community groups on anti-ICE interventions, and partnering with other working groups for direct action trainings.

RRWG meets every month on the third Thursday of the month; the location varies. Check the calendar for our next meeting!

Contact Information

Leonard Pierce at leonard.pierce@com is the preferred point person. In the event he cannot be reached, contact Waleeta Canon (waleetacanon@gmail.com).