Chicago DSA’s Labor Branch is dedicated to building a militant, rank-and-file-led labor movement. As socialists, we know that withholding our labor is the greatest weapon we have to challenge the bosses, disrupt capital, and bargain for the common good of the working class, and our mission at the Labor Branch is to encourage workplace combativity and build fighting unions from the bottom-up.

The Branch was born out of an effort to coalesce the work our members were doing in unions and workplaces across Chicago and develop a shared strategy. While much of the branch is made up of rank-and-file union members, shop-floor leaders, and union staffers, the Labor Branch aims to be a political home for anyone in CDSA who wants to get more involved in the labor movement, as part of the struggle for an anti-racist, anti-capitalist future.

Our work

The Labor Branch is involved in a variety of struggles, including implementing the rank-and-file strategy, supporting unionization efforts, and standing in solidarity with workers on strike. Along with our general body, the branch is led by an elected Steering Committee and broken up into two subcommittees: the Rank and File Committee and the Strike and Solidarity Committee.

Get involved

We meet every second Tuesday of the month. If you want to learn more, have questions or proposals for the branch, or want to get on our email list and Slack channel, contact [email protected].

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